Little crochet bag

Suddenly there was a need for a small bag. I got a new mobile phone from work, which is much bigger than the old one. How do those mobile phones just keep growing in size? I have to move around a bit at work, and it's hard to carry that new phone in my hand or in the back pocket of my jeans. So I had to crochet this lovely little bag for my phone :)

I had saved this pattern on Instagram long ago, and now I was able to do it. This is a free pattern from the Anabelia Craft Design blog.  The yarn is LionBrand Yarns 24/7 Cotton. It is the same yarn that I used for my backpack that I made in the summer. Hook size 3,5 mm. The bag measures 19 cm x 19 cm.

I crocheted two squares that I sewed together from the wrong side. At the top of the bag I made a layer of crab stitch. I also made a lining, which was the hardest part of this project.

I attached slings to the sides of the bag, which I then attach to the strap of the bag. This time I did not want have a crochet strap, but I found a black strap from my storage. I also had to make a tassel to decorate the bag.

This was a nice little weekend crochet project!


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