Crochet mandalas

I was inspired by these mandalas a year ago on our Yarndale trip. There were dozens of crocheted mandalas hanging in the yard. Oh, they were beautiful.

Back then I decided that there would be wonderful mandalas in our upcoming summer oasis also.  
In April I started my Mandala factory.

 I made three mandalas from Lucy,  Attic24 blog,  with Positivity Mandala pattern.  The yarn is Drops Muskat. Hook 4 mm and diameter of the hoop 30 cm.

I really love these colors !!

As another model, I used the pattern Spirit Mandala from Tatsiana, Lilla Björn Crochet blog. I also made three of these. Yarn is Drops Muskat, hook 3,5 mm and hoop is  25 cm.

These mandalas hang in one corner of our summer oasis. There is still room for more...

Then I made one bigger mandala, this is Fenced Around Wallhanging. The pattern is from book by  Emily Littlefair, "Round and Round the Crochet Hook". Yarn is  Drops Muskat, hook 3,5 mm, hoop size is 35 cm. 

This Mandala hangs in the door that leads to the summer oasis.

I´m sure that I will make more mandalas, perhaps in the dark winter evenings, while I dream of summer. What do you think about hula hula hoop size mandala?  Oh that would be just awesome!!


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