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c2c cushion cover

This cushion cover is the first work I have done with the c2c technique. c2c stands for corner to corner crochet (also known as pixel crochet). However, I have admired for a long time projects made with this technique, like pillows, blankets and even clothes, but thought that it is somehow a challenging technique :)  Check out Make and Do Crew's great designs and good instructions for c2c crochet from here . I had planned to do couple of crocheted pillows for our new summer terrace, so it was time to try this technique. I had some left over yarns from The Sweet Pea Blanket (read more here ) that I made for the terrace so they ended up on this pillow.  Oh, I just love these colors.  The yarn is 100% acrylic, Stylecraft Special DK. The hook size was 3.5 mm. I made two pieces and sewed on the seams. The inner cushion is from Ikea, size 50x50 (although crochet work size is  40x40). The pillow became plump :)    The pillow fits perfectly to the