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Stella Shawl

Look at this awesome shawl! This gorgeous piece of crochet is Stella Shawl! The shawl is designed by an incredibly talented Julme Conradie @mysquarehat. The pattern can be found on Ravelry . Julme got the inspiration to this shawl from knitted Ewe Rock shawl, designed by Susanne Sommer ( @sosuknits ). This is my second shawl designed by Julme. Crochet Your Fade, from last year, was the first one. I've been using that shawl every day for the past half year :) You can read about that from here . This shawl project was an extra or a surprise project for me because I always plan before hand what projects I do and when. In late February, Julme contacted me and asked me to test this Stella pattern.  I was and I am still very delighted of this honor. It helped a lot that I  didn't have to finish the whole shawl right away. The test period was two weeks and I needed to test the start section and repeat section few times.  My winter holiday week gave me a good p

Lovely crochet Pikachu

Between bigger projects, it's nice to do something small and fast. Like this wonderful tiny Pikachu. This is to my son, a Pokemon fan.  I  noticed in the instagram the other week that @lalylaland Lydia organized a CAL of this wonderful creature. CAL started on Monday 1.7. and ended on Friday 5.7. She published one part of the pattern every night. This was a very nice way to crochet this lovely amigurumi.  The head was crocheted first, then the body and on the third day the tail. On fourth day the limbs and  on fifth day the ears and red cheeks. The yarn I used  here is Drops Muskat and the hook is 3.5 mm. What a lovely little Pikachu ! 

My Sweet Pea - blanket

This is my first Attic 24 blanket. Attic 24 blogger Lucy has designed  many crocheted blanket. This is the fifth CAL (Crochet-A-Long). I have been following Lucy's blog throughout my Crochet Mania time, for 8 years. Her blog was the first blogs I came across when I started my own. I met Lucy personally last fall at the Yarndale event, you can read about it from here . When Lucy released the color scheme for this blanket last October, I couldn't help but to participate in the CAL. Oh, what colors! Loving it !!  I also knew where this blanket would end. To my upcoming summer oasis, to my glazed terrace, my summer crochet corner. From here you can read about Lucy's thoughts about the blanket, and here you will find all the instructions for making the blanket. The yarns for the blanket came on sale on Tuesday, 27 November 2018 at Wool Warehouse . I ordered the yarns right away and they arrived at my door in a week. The yarn used is Stylecraft Special DK, which is