Crochet vlog episode 13 - show notes

Hello! I decided to make my vlog show notes to my blog, so that I can add some pics here too. I have been little bit lazy to write blog posts of the finished objects. Mainly the reason is that I have not wanted to sit in front of the computer...
Here is direct link to the episode 13, click here!

In this episode I am talking about my latest FO´s that are mainly crochet winter decorations. I got this decoration inspiration in October when I was crocheting  pumpkins, you can find more about those from my last episode (click here).
Our daughter has her birthday in November. I got terrible urge to make a new table runner for the birthday party.  Luckily I remembered this beautiful Star Posy Table Runner from Emma (@lululoves_uk)  The yarn is Drops Muskat and the hook size is 4 mm.  The length of the table runner is 115 cm and width 25 cm. The table runner came out just perfect. It fits nicely with my crochet pillow cases.  

After this I started to make The Snowman. Winter scenery is…

c2c cushion cover

This cushion cover is the first work I have done with the c2c technique. c2c stands for corner to corner crochet (also known as pixel crochet). However, I have admired for a long time projects made with this technique, like pillows, blankets and even clothes, but thought that it is somehow a challenging technique :)

 Check out Make and Do Crew's great designs and good instructions for c2c crochet from here.
I had planned to do couple of crocheted pillows for our new summer terrace, so it was time to try this technique. I had some left over yarns from The Sweet Pea Blanket (read more here) that I made for the terrace so they ended up on this pillow.

 Oh, I just love these colors.  The yarn is 100% acrylic, Stylecraft Special DK. The hook size was 3.5 mm.
I made two pieces and sewed on the seams. The inner cushion is from Ikea, size 50x50 (although crochet work size is  40x40). The pillow became plump :)
The pillow fits perfectly to the blanket and the buntings <3
And yes, it´s …

Little crochet bag

Suddenly there was a need for a small bag. I got a new mobile phone from work, which is much bigger than the old one. How do those mobile phones just keep growing in size? I have to move around a bit at work, and it's hard to carry that new phone in my hand or in the back pocket of my jeans. So I had to crochet this lovely little bag for my phone :)

I had saved this pattern on Instagram long ago, and now I was able to do it. This is a free pattern from the Anabelia Craft Design blog.  The yarn is LionBrand Yarns 24/7 Cotton. It is the same yarn that I used for my backpack that I made in the summer. Hook size 3,5 mm. The bag measures 19 cm x 19 cm.

I crocheted two squares that I sewed together from the wrong side. At the top of the bag I made a layer of crab stitch. I also made a lining, which was the hardest part of this project.

I attached slings to the sides of the bag, which I then attach to the strap of the bag. This time I did not want have a crochet strap, but I found a bla…

Crochet Granite Cardigan

I've been dreaming about this cardigan over a year.
Finally it´s finished and it turned out the be just wonderful!

The yarn (Rowan Hemp Tweed) have been in my stash from May last year. I have been searching the right pattern and most of all my courage to do another cardigan. Because I have my last crocheted cardigan in my fresh memory.  Overall it was very difficult to find suitable pattern for this yarn and with the stitch pattern that I had in mind. I have fell in love with the "moss Stitch" and I wanted to use that for this cardigan.

I was so happy to find this Granite Cardigan by Stephanie Lau from All About Ami.
The free pattern can be found form here.

Rowanin Hemp Tweed has 95 meters in 50 grams. It is 75% wool and 25% true hemp. The pattern uses Lion Brandin New Basic which is 75 % acryl and 25% wool.  It has 160 meters in 100 grams. I had bought 10 balls of Hemp Tweed so I had total of 500 grams yarn.

I made the cardigan with hook 6 mm and took the size S. I didn´…

Crochet cardigan

My second crochet cardigan from spring 2017!

The success of the girl's cardigan encouraged me to do one myself also. At first I wasn't as satisfied with the cardigan as I would have liked, but the more I wore it, the more I liked it. After all, it´s made by me <3

The yarn is Semilla Melange (colors SM16 and SM 06) and the hook is 3.5 mm. Semilla Melange is 100 % wool and it has 175 m in 50 g. The cardigan is crocheted from top down with 120 foundation stitches.  The entire cardigan is crocheted with half double crochet (US terms), collar is rows of single crochet.  I had 9 skeins of the yarn (450 g) and I used about 390 g.

I am very pleased with the buttons and especially the button list. I used mattress stitch to sew the sleeve seams. The seam came out very neat.  Here is link to great tutorial for that mattress stitch.

So, bathing the cardigan and "blocking" it was the most exciting part of the project.  The cardigan got bathed twice, because the first time it …

Crochet cardigan for my girl

This was my first crochet cardigan, back in January 2017.  There was no master idea about the cardigan, other than that I wanted to crochet it from the top down. The yarns were found from my stash that had been waiting for about six years for inspiration and now it finally came. 

For the foundation chain I took an example from here. The chain has 92 stitches. The raglan section is 17 rows (about 17 cm).
On the front and back side of the cardigan is front post double crochet "cables".  Can you believe when I say that this was the first time I made front post double crochet stitches? :)  

Then I crocheted the ribbing to the hem and the cuffs. I made the ribbing by single crochet only in the back loops. The collar has four rows of single crochet with button holes. 

The yarn is Novita Wool and the hook is 3,5 mm. I used 200 g of the pink yarn and about 60 g of the light pink. My gauge was 20 double crochet in 10 cm. 
I finalized the cardigan by soaking it. The feel of the cardi…