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Crochet vlog episode 24 / after the lost crojo!

 Wow, it has been three months since the last vlog episode! I totally lost my crojo for two months! But happy to tell you that all the crochet mania is coming back! Yay!! Click here to the episode. In this episode I will tell you about my two finished objects and some reasons to why I lost my crojo. The next episode will be  then all about current wips.... ***** First I'm talking about c2c blanket that I made for my son. It's Donald Duck blanket. And it turned out to be super awesome! It's constructed from 50 blocks. There is 10 rows and each row has 5 blocks.  The yarn is Finnish brand, Kaupunkilanka and the yarn is Kivijalka. The yarn has 100 meters per 200 grams and it is 75 % wool and 25% polyamid.  I will add the yardage to my Ravelry project page.   I used hook 4 mm.   The blanket is 82 cm width and 180 cm long. I wet blocked the blocks and joined them with invisible join,   see tutorial  here .  I just loove the border. It's made with moss / linen stitch. I real

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