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Crochet vlog episode 19 - show notes

Hello lovelies! I was delighted to notice that I have already 300 subscribers! Wohaa! Thank you so much <3 This episode was hard to record. After last episode I have not been crocheting, in three weeks!! It feels terrible!  Please go and see the vlog and if you have any tips how to manage through this time, I am more than happy to receive those! Although I have not been productive, I have few crochet items to show you. Click here for the episode. **** I have one finished square for the Traveling Afghan blanket project. This is the 5th square of the project. Designer is Kimberley from the Lakeside Loops -blog. The free pattern can be found from here . The square is about 21 x 21 cm and I used 31 grams of yarn with 4 mm hook. In the pattern, the heart was created with treble crochet but I made it with double crochet.  Before my mandatory crochet break, I managed partly to make the square 6.  The 6th square is by Lee from Coco Crochet L