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Crocheted summer top

Few weeks ago I found four balls of Katia Arte yarn from my yarns stash. I was supousted to knit (years ago) a summer top for me. For some reason I never did. Now I have used those yarns to a crochet summer top! Easy and simple, double crochet stitch all the way with 3.5 mm hook. This was very educational project, again. I even took measurements and made a swatch to get the right gauge. I calculated that I need to do 90 stitches to both pieces (front and back).  Then I started to crochet like a maniac :) One piece took about two balls of yarn.  Then I started to make the second piece with 90 stitches. For some reason, when I had crocheted the first row I compared it to the first piece. Luckily I did! The first piece was 10 stitches narrower. What?? Apparently I miscalculated the stitches in the first place and ended up with 80 stitch. Well after thinking a while what to do, I decided to go with the 80 stitches with a wish that the finished top will fit me. Frogging

The May Flowers - 365 days of crochet flowers

I have been making these flowers since 1st of January. You may have come across with these in the Instagram. Emily from the Loopy Stitch came up this idea it the beginning of the year.  This is the  #365daysofcrochetflowers . Pattern to flowers 1-91 can be found from Emily´s blog (link above) and flowers on 92- can be found from Instagram @thecrochethookup  and from Facebook .  Here are the Darling Buds of May! Flowers 111-117 Flowers 118-124 Flowers 125-131 Flowers 132-138 Flowers 139-142

Pattern: The May Flower

This was my second flower pattern for the #365daysofcrochetflower. I shall call it May Flower as it was published May (how original is that!) This pattern was first published via Instagram @thecrochethookup Pattern for flowers 1-91 can be found from the blog The Loopy Stitch and from flower number 92 ->  from the @thecrochethookup You can find my patterns also from Ravelry, from here . The pattern can be found in Finnish from my other blog.  Click here if you prefer the pattern in Finnish. Stitches used – US terms mr Magic Ring ch Chain sc Single crochet dc Double Crochet tr front post treble crochet sl st slip stitch puff yarn over, insert hook to the specified stitch, yarn over and pull up a long loop. Repeat two  more time, you have 7 loop on the hook, yarn over and pull through all loops dc3tog yarn over and insert hook into the st. Yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through 2 loop x 3 PATTERN Round 1