Crochet cardigan for my girl

This was my first crochet cardigan, back in January 2017. 
There was no master idea about the cardigan, other than that I wanted to crochet it from the top down. The yarns were found from my stash that had been waiting for about six years for inspiration and now it finally came. 

For the foundation chain I took an example from here. The chain has 92 stitches. The raglan section is 17 rows (about 17 cm).

On the front and back side of the cardigan is front post double crochet "cables".  Can you believe when I say that this was the first time I made front post double crochet stitches? :)  

Then I crocheted the ribbing to the hem and the cuffs. I made the ribbing by single crochet only in the back loops. The collar has four rows of single crochet with button holes. 

The yarn is Novita Wool and the hook is 3,5 mm.
I used 200 g of the pink yarn and about 60 g of the light pink.
My gauge was 20 double crochet in 10 cm. 

I finalized the cardigan by soaking it. The feel of the cardigan changed radically after bath. While crocheting, the yarn felt quite hard, but after bath it softened considerably.

Selecting the buttons was the hardest part, but luckily the girl helped. She chose the color and order of the buttons. The cardigan turned out to be just wonderful! 


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