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Crochet vlog episode 14 - show notes

Welcome to watch my latest vlog episode! In this episode I`m telling about my latest FO´s which are my last Christmas related decorations, one pair of mittens and crochet related books. And also talking about my new Personal Planner :) Here is direct link to the episode 14, click here! **** This cute angel is part of our winter scenery. (You can check more about this winter scenery from my last episode, click here ). This angel pattern is by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me -blog . Pattern can be found from here . I used Drops Muskat for the head, body and wings. The hook size was 3,5 mm.  The height of the angel is 14 cm.  The angel came out just perfect! Of course I needed a Christmas star to our winter scenery! This pattern is my Tanya from The Cozy Knot -blog.  The pattern can be found from Ravelry, click here . I used Novita yarn for this star, called 7 brothers.  The other yarn is silver metallic yarn by Anchor. I used 5,5 mm hook. The diameter of the

Crochet vlog episode 13 - show notes

 Hello! I decided to make my vlog show notes to my blog, so that I can add some pics here too. I have been little bit lazy to write blog posts of the finished objects. Mainly the reason is that I have not wanted to sit in front of the computer... Here is direct link to the episode 13, click here! **** In this episode I am talking about my latest FO´s that are mainly crochet winter decorations. I got this decoration inspiration in October when I was crocheting  pumpkins, you can find more about those from my last episode ( click here ). Our daughter has her birthday in November. I got terrible urge to make a new table runner for the birthday party.  Luckily I remembered this beautiful Star Posy Table Runner from Emma ( @lululoves_uk )  The yarn is Drops Muskat and the hook size is 4 mm.  The length of the table runner is 115 cm and width 25 cm. The table runner came out just perfect. It fits nicely with my crochet pillow cases.   After this I started to