Crochet vlog episode 19 - show notes

Hello lovelies!

I was delighted to notice that I have already 300 subscribers!
Wohaa! Thank you so much <3

This episode was hard to record. After last episode I have not been crocheting, in three weeks!!
It feels terrible!  Please go and see the vlog and if you have any tips how to manage through this time, I am more than happy to receive those!

Although I have not been productive, I have few crochet items to show you.

Click here for the episode.


I have one finished square for the Traveling Afghan blanket project.
This is the 5th square of the project. Designer is Kimberley from the Lakeside Loops -blog.
The free pattern can be found from here.

The square is about 21 x 21 cm and I used 31 grams of yarn with 4 mm hook. In the pattern, the heart was created with treble crochet but I made it with double crochet. 

Before my mandatory crochet break, I managed partly to make the square 6. 
The 6th square is by Lee from Coco Crochet Lee -blog.  The free pattern for the square can be found form here. This square is by far the most challenging one but take it easy and read the pattern carefully. The design is very beautiful. 

I started to make the square with hook 5. It is going to be much bigger than the other ones. I am planning to make it again with pink yarn and smaller hook. 

Kite potholder was the last thing is made before my crochet break. It is my own design :)
Read more about it from this blog post. 
You can find the pattern also from Ravelry as a free download, click here.

Because I have now time to do everything else, I designed a new logo for me. 
Isn´t it lovely? Telling more about the logo in the episode.


Well that is all for now. I will get back to vloging as soon as my forearm lets me to crochet. 
I really hope that it is soon than later!

Stay safe and well!


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