Kite - crochet potholder pattern

I have some amazing news- so big that I have to write a blog post about it!

On Thursday night, I or actually Virkkuumania was contacted by a journalist of Ilta-Sanomat, one of the biggest newspapers in Finland. She said that she is making an article of tips how to spend your extra time at home for Saturday’s newspaper. I was asked if I would like to be involved with an easy and simple crocheted potholder pattern. The pattern and the picture of the finished piece should be ready already in the next morning. 

As you probably already guess, I had to take up this "challenge". After a moment of brainstorming with my husband and less than an hour of  the contact, I was hooking the pot holder. 

The pattern was supposed to be very easy and simple, and I decided to start with a square made of double crochet stitches. The square is then folded in an envelope style, and the sides are joined together with single crochet stitches. The edges of the piece are also neaten with single crochet stitches . The name of the piece, Kite, came naturally when I hung the first finished version against the kitchen wall. "That looks like a kite." I would have liked to put "tassels" in three corners, as in kites with those "tails" hanging, but I found them to be a little impractical for this purpose :)

Hopefully this will get someone excited and grab the hook! Of course, it would also be nice to see different Kites around the world, so if you share your work , for example, in instagram, tag me @virkkuumaniassa or use the hastag  #kitepotholder  #virkkuumania

This can be also found from Ravelry as a free Ravelry download, click here

Happy hooking!


Kite –  crochet potholder

This pot holder is crocheted with Finnish yarn called Novita, 7 brothers.
You can make yours with aran/worsted weight yarn. 7 brothers is 100 % wool and it has 300 m per 150 g. You can make the pot holder with one main color or as stripy as you want.

Small 17 x 17 cm
Big 23 x23 xm

Hook 4,5 mm

Stitches used (US):
ch chain
ss slip stich
sc single crochet
dc double crochet

Ch35 (small) or ch48 (big)
Row 1. dc to the second chain from the hook. Make one dc to each ch. Total 34 dc (small) or 47 dc (big). Chain 2 and turn.
Row 2. Make dc to the last dc of the previous round. Make one dc to each dc to the end of the row. Total 34 dc (small) or 47 dc (big).
Row 3. Repeat row 2 still 17 times (small) or 25 times (big) or so many times until your piece is square.

*fold your piece like an envelope. Attach the yarn to one of the corners, ch1 and sc in the
same stitch.
*attach the sides together with sc to every stitch (or try to make sc evenly)
*when you reach the middle, continue making sc to end of the opposite corner.
Cut the yarn and sew in the ends.
*repeat above from the third corner to the fourth corner. Do not cut the yarn.
*ch15, attach with ss to the corner.
*ch1 and sc20 to the loop created with chains.
*Steam your piece.
*make sc to the same corner, make sc all around the piece.
Try to make the stiches evenly around the piece
Cut the yarn and sew in the ends.
*steam you work ones more

first make a square

the fold it like an envelope

use single crochet to attach the sides

make a hanging loop and neaten the edges with single crochet. 


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