Crochet Wildrose Backpack

I crocheted a backpack for myself.  And a lovely one!

Designer: Stephanie Jessica Lau @allaboutami
Yarn: LionBrand Yarns, 24/7 Cotton
Hook: 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm

The pattern is free, but you can purchase pdf version from Etsy.

I ordered the yarns from and this is the first time that I used LionBrand Yarns, but surely not the last! I loved working with the yarn. The backpack yarn usage was about 325 g. The pattern was made with hook 3.75 mm but I used 3.5 mm. Thank you for my loose crochet stitches :)

I really enjoyed crocheting this backpack. It worked up quickly. I made it in two weeks. I´m sure that it could be done faster, but when there is only limited about of hours crochet time in a day... 
I love the frontpost stitches on the upper and bottom part of the backpack. Ooh, and the crab stitch at the top edging, I love it! 

I was little bit a afraid of the strap, but when I got the hang of it, it was easy peasy and worked out very quickly. The strap is made with 2.5 mm hook and it is 1,4 meters long. 

The backpack was finalized with a tassel. 
Of course I had to have a hint of pink to this project also. 

I just love this backpack, 
I´m sure that this backpack will be my favorite thing this summer  <3


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