Crochet Pearl socks

 At September I discovered from IG that October is a sock month, socktober called. I have crocheted one pair before, almost two years ago. I enjoyed crocheting that pair, it was easy and fast to do. So I jumped right away to this sock crochet along. 

This crochet along can be found from IG using hastags:
 #sockalong2018 #socktober #sockcal2018.  This CAL is organised by Fay from @crochet_circle_podcast and Claudia from @crochetluna

 Very good articles about crochet socks can be found from various bloggers. Tamara from Crafty Escapism has organised a blog hop for this sockCAL.  I have had good tips for my crochet socks journey. 


I chose Pearl Socks by Mon Petit Violon to be my first socks of this CAL. I had the yarn ready, Lanitium ex Machina, glitter sock yarn. I had bought that yarn from knitting festival in summer 2017.

Before I started I tested my gauge with different hooks. I ended up to use 2.5 mm hook. Really small, I know. But crocheting the yarn with that hook went very smoothly and quickly. I crocheted the socks at the same time. Because I know me, there is a possibility that there will be only one sock finished.

The beginning was very smooth, I thought that I am ready with the socks in a week. Then came the heel. I didn´t get it right, I tried at least two times. There was something wrong with my calculations... And when I was happy with it, I noticed that the sock is going to be too tight. Arg!

I decided to frog the heel (third time) and about ten rows of the foot part. I changed the hook size to 3,5 mm and crocheted the foot and heel again. After that the sock fitted perfectly. 
For the cuff part I used again the 2,5 mm hook. 

I was little bit worried that do I have enough yarn. Is 400 m enough for pair of crochet socks?  Now I can say that yes it is! The pattern in the cuff should have been repeated three times (or until desired length). I repeated it two and half times.  I was left with two tiny teeny balls of yarn.

  I am very pleased with the outcome.  
What do you think?

I have already started my second pair of socks for the sockCAL.
I hope to finish them by the end of the month. I try to crochet only one project at the time... 


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