Crocheted summer top

Few weeks ago I found four balls of Katia Arte yarn from my yarns stash. I was supousted to knit (years ago) a summer top for me. For some reason I never did.

Now I have used those yarns to a crochet summer top!
Easy and simple, double crochet stitch all the way with 3.5 mm hook.

This was very educational project, again. I even took measurements and made a swatch to get the right gauge. I calculated that I need to do 90 stitches to both pieces (front and back). 
Then I started to crochet like a maniac :) One piece took about two balls of yarn. 

Then I started to make the second piece with 90 stitches. For some reason, when I had crocheted the first row I compared it to the first piece. Luckily I did! The first piece was 10 stitches narrower. What?? Apparently I miscalculated the stitches in the first place and ended up with 80 stitch.
Well after thinking a while what to do, I decided to go with the 80 stitches with a wish that the finished top will fit me. Frogging was out of the question! I belive that I would have run out of yarn with 90 stitches. 

I was hoping that my salvation will lay in the blocking. 
I placed both the pieces on a plastic carpet and stretched them with pins and then sprayed water on them and let them dry. Ta-daa! The top came out just perfect!

I am very pleased with the outcome. What do you think?
I am just about to start a new top which will be very different to this one. 
Just few little projects need to be finished before starting...


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