Crochet cardigan

My second crochet cardigan from spring 2017!

The success of the girl's cardigan encouraged me to do one myself also. At first I wasn't as satisfied with the cardigan as I would have liked, but the more I wore it, the more I liked it.
After all, it´s made by me <3

The yarn is Semilla Melange (colors SM16 and SM 06) and the hook is 3.5 mm. Semilla Melange is 100 % wool and it has 175 m in 50 g. The cardigan is crocheted from top down with 120 foundation stitches.  The entire cardigan is crocheted with half double crochet (US terms), collar is rows of single crochet.  I had 9 skeins of the yarn (450 g) and I used about 390 g.

I am very pleased with the buttons and especially the button list. I used mattress stitch to sew the sleeve seams. The seam came out very neat.  Here is link to great tutorial for that mattress stitch.

So, bathing the cardigan and "blocking" it was the most exciting part of the project.  The cardigan got bathed twice, because the first time it stretched terribly. The sleeves stretched out at least five centimeters and the top of the cardigan was hanging out of shape. So at the second time I tried to shrink the cardigan. It succeeded! Not completely, but enough.

After this project, I'm little bit wiser.
But it took me over two years to try to crochet my third cardigan.


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