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Crochet Wildrose Backpack

I crocheted a backpack for myself.  And a lovely one!
Pattern: Wildrose Backpack Designer: Stephanie Jessica Lau @allaboutami Yarn: LionBrand Yarns, 24/7 Cotton Hook: 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm
The pattern is free, but you can purchase pdf version from Etsy.

I ordered the yarns from and this is the first time that I used LionBrand Yarns, but surely not the last! I loved working with the yarn. The backpack yarn usage was about 325 g. The pattern was made with hook 3.75 mm but I used 3.5 mm. Thank you for my loose crochet stitches :)

I really enjoyed crocheting this backpack. It worked up quickly. I made it in two weeks. I´m sure that it could be done faster, but when there is only limited about of hours crochet time in a day...  I love the frontpost stitches on the upper and bottom part of the backpack. Ooh, and the crab stitch at the top edging, I love it! 
I was little bit a afraid of the strap, but when I got the hang of it, it was easy peasy and worked out very quickly. The…

Granny Square Wrist Warmers

I was an early bird and made two new pairs of crochet wrist warmers to myself already in February. 
The yarn is very luxurious yarn from Bremont, called Lilou. It has 90% of llama and 10% of nylon.  I bought the yarn from near-by yarn store called Toika Oy.
The pattern is from SewHappyCreative and it can be found from Ravelry. I used 3mm hook and only used 60 g of yarn to these beauties. 

The another pair is made with same pattern as my older wrist warmers. I used the same yarn and hook 3,5 mm to these. I like these a lot, easy and fast project to make!

My crochet winter accessories

These cute accessories are my first finished objects for this year! Yay! I started to crochet these after I finished the Crochet Your Fade -shawl. 

The Yarn is local yarn brand called Kaupunkilanka. I made all accessories with 3.5 mm hook. The brand is quite new and this is the first time that I use it. I bought few skeins form a local craft fair in November.  The yarn has 200m in 100 g. The pink glitter yarn has  71 % wool, 24% polyamid and 5 % polyester. 
The mittens are made from top down and with single crochet (US) stitch. The rib is made by using front and back post double crochet (US) stitch. 
The headband and the boot cuffs are made by using half double crochet (US).

I really like the glitter pink yarn, it made me dream of a glitter pink cardigan :) I am pleased that the accessories fits quite nicely to my Fade -shawl. 

Crochet Your Fade shawl

I think this is my loveliest shawl ever! Crochet Your Fade !

The amazing designer is Julme Conradie. From IG you can find her by the name @mysquarehat. The shawl pattern can be found from Ravelry.

I made my shawl with 4 mm hook and with the following yarns:
Yarn A: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 55, amount 50 g Yarn B: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 57, amount 54 g Yarn C: Beehive Yarns, Bardot, color Dear Prudence, amount 62 g Yarn D: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 56, amount 54 g Yarn E: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 63, amount 35 g Yarn F: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 55, amount 10 g

The Roosa Nauha sock yarn is a yarn from a local brand. You can find more information of the yarn from here. I bought the Beehive skein from Yarndale, where I visited in September.  My first intention was to crochet the whole shawl with the Roosa Nauha sock yarn, but luckily I realized that I have that Beehive yarn and it fits perfectly to those solid colors.

I started to crochet the shawl on last Sunday in …

Brioche Hearts

One of my favorite designers is Tatsiana from Lilla Björn blog. When she published this heart pattern, I was totally in love. You can find the pattern from her blog for free and from Ravelry download for small compensation. 

I made the hearts from Catania yarn and with 3 mm hook. The design may look challenging but if you read the instructions carefully and follow them step by step, I promise that you can do that lovely heart.  These cuties are, for example, a very good idea for Valentines Day!