Crochet Your Fade shawl

I think this is my loveliest shawl ever! Crochet Your Fade !

The amazing designer is Julme Conradie. From IG you can find her by the name @mysquarehat. The shawl pattern can be found from Ravelry.

I made my shawl with 4 mm hook and with the following yarns:

Yarn A: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 55, amount 50 g
Yarn B: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 57, amount 54 g
Yarn C: Beehive Yarns, Bardot, color Dear Prudence, amount 62 g
Yarn D: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 56, amount 54 g
Yarn E: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 63, amount 35 g
Yarn F: Roosa Nauha sock yarn, color 55, amount 10 g

The Roosa Nauha sock yarn is a yarn from a local brand. You can find more information of the yarn from here. I bought the Beehive skein from Yarndale, where I visited in September.  My first intention was to crochet the whole shawl with the Roosa Nauha sock yarn, but luckily I realized that I have that Beehive yarn and it fits perfectly to those solid colors.

I started to crochet the shawl on last Sunday in November. I crocheted it every day, mainly in the evenings (after 9 pm). I finished the shawl in three weeks. Of course few days went with the finishing, like weaving the ends and blocking.

The pattern was well-written and it was easy to follow. I can only blame myself for the mistakes that I made. When I was on the fourth color, I noticed that I have too many stitches on the other side of the shawl. I don´t know why I didn´t check the stitch count earlier, I just assumed that I am doing right. Well, I don´t even know where the first mistake is, so I just decided to go on. I  started to decrease the stitch count on that side, because frogging the whole shawl was out of the question. I think the outcome didn´t suffer from this mistake. Of course, lesson is now learned; check the stitch count every now and then. The pattern has a good table of stitch counts for every row. Now I know that it is meant for use :)

Second problem occured with the blocking process. I gave the shawl a bath in a hand warm water and very gently I squeezed the excess water out (between two towels). Then I blocked it on the blocking board with pins. The shawl stretched too much for my taste. The shawl is quite huge already without the blocking. Of course I understand that the bath makes wonder to the crochet, but I think that it would have been enough just to lay the shawl on the blocking board without the pins. I decided to give the shawl another bath, this time I layed it on the blocking board (without the pins) and carefully fitted into shape. I tired to avoid stretching it, rather I tried to shrink it. I know this may sound odd, but it really worked. The shawl came out perfectly, it shrank just enough :)

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this shawl.
It´s huge, it´s pink and I have made it myself!


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