Pattern: Crocheted flower

This was my first flower design for #365daysofcrochetflowers
This pattern was first published via Instagram @thecrochethookup

Pattern for flowers 1-91 can be found from the blog The Loopy Stitch
and from flower number 92 ->  from the @thecrochethookup

crochet flower

The pattern can be found in Finnish from my other blog.  Click here if you prefer the pattern in Finnish.

Stitches used – US terms
mr         Magic Ring
ch          Chain
sc           Single crochet
dc          Double Crochet
fptr        front post treble crochet
sl st       slip stitch
fbsc       front post single crochet


Round 1, color A
              * Make a mr, ch 5 (counts as dc, ch2)
              * Dc, ch 2 x 11, sl st to 3rd stitch on starting chain. Fasten off.
                 (12 dc, 24 ch)

Round 2, color B
             * In any ch 2 sp, make a standing dc, 2dc in the same sp, skip dc
              * 3 dc in the ch 2 sp, skip dc x 11, sl st in the 1st dc. Fasten off.
                  (36 dc)

Round 3, color A
               *Make a standing sc to any 1st dc of the 3 dc cluster, ch 3, skip dc, sc to last dc, fptr to dc in  the 1st round
               *Sc, ch 3, sc, fptr x 11, sl st in the 1st sc. Fasten off.
                    (24 sc, 12 fptr, 12 ch3)

Round 4, color B
               *Make a standing sc to the 3 ch sp, 3 sc in the same sp, skip sc, fpsc to the fptr from the  previous round, skip sc
               *4 sc in the 3 ch sp,  fpsc to the fptr from the previous round x 11, sl st in the 1st sc. Fasten off.
                      (48 sc, 12 fpsc)


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